preparing for the appointment

You must not drive to or from our clinic. If you have driven to the clinic, you will be rebooked automatically, even if you have a driver coming later. There are no exceptions to this rule: it is for your own health and safety. If possible, you should have someone you trust accompany you to the clinic and help you get home.

  • You need your Health Card and photo I.D.
  • Please bring any supplementary insurance cards you may have, such as Ontario Works, O.D.S.P., Native Status, or any private insurance plan. Please contact us for more information if you are unsure of your coverage
  • Anyone accompanying you into the clinic must bring photo I.D.
  • Please bring a comfortable nightshirt or gown that is long enough to cover your knees
  • Please bring a warm pair of socks
  • No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the clinic
  • If your procedure is scheduled for the morning, do not eat any food after midnight *
  • If your procedure is scheduled for the afternoon, do not eat any food after 5am *
  • If your procedure is scheduled for early evening, do not eat any food after 9am *
  • If you are scheduled for a 2-day procedure, you will need to follow the eating and drinking guidelines on BOTH days

* This includes gum or candy, but you may have water, apple juice or ginger ale up to 4 hours before your appointment.